Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Start An Image Consultanting Business

Are you into fashion and etiquette? Are you well dressed, well spoken and able to help others model in your foot steps? If so, this is another great business for the Savvy African American Entrepreneur. Let’s face it. No matter how you slice or dice it, we live a world that focus on looks. You can be the best in your field or profession but if you don’t look the part, more times than not people will not give you the chance to prove yourself. Whether it is in the corporate world, the entertainment industry, if you are in business for yourself or just in the market for romance. How you present yourself matters.

This is where your talents come in handy. You can teach a seminar on image and its importance or you can take on individual clients and work with them one on one to help improve their circumstance. Whether it is going on a job interview or getting ready for their first date. This business has little to no competition because most people don’t see the need for this service but it will be your job to show them the advantages of having an Image Consultant. I may not need one on call but there are times when I am going to a big event or a job interview that I would love the idea of having someone with a good eye for fashion to help me out.

And as I always I want to remind you:

Don’t overlook the African American Market! We need all the help we can get when it comes to leveling the playing field especially when it comes to the business world. You primarily focus on African Americans in the job market wishing for a leg up on the competition even if it’s another African American job candidate. If we go to a job interview, looking our best and have the etiquette and mannerisms that will put us over the top, why not take advantage of it.

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