Thursday, October 23, 2008

Start A Recession Proof Business

I have not written on this blog for quite a while because real life kind of got in the way but since the economic crisis which many of us have already been suffering under has been front and center, I decided to recommit to this blog. With unemployment rate steadily climbing many people are looking for alternate ways of making money just to make ends meet. Lately I have been spending time on a very popular political progressive blog site called dailykos, which has been a beacon for those who are supporting change and the Obama Platform. Although it is a political blog, real life stories of people being laid off or not being able to find employment has spurned me anew.

The big question that many people are asking is: "Is now a good time to start a business when money is short and our country is the midst of an economic crisis?" I'm biased because I believe other than a being educated in a highly niched marked, entrepreneurship, especially in the African American community is the only way to grab a hold of the "American Dream". I have listed quite a few business on my blogs that on second look can be formated for the new economy. My blog will now focus on business that can be considered recession proof or just good business to start in this climate. Good luck to all of you looking to break out of the 9 to 5 or just want to obtain a measure of success through personal acheivement.

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