Monday, October 27, 2008

Start A Credit Counseling Business

Unfortunately the economic crisis has put a lot of people in financial straights . People who once had good or decent credit are seeing their credit rating being destroyed. Many have been laid off and can no longer afford to pay even the minimum balance on their credit cards or have fallen behind on their car payments. These people probably never had a need for this service but are now actively looking. This has provided an opening for anyone who is looking for a recession proof business.

You don't have to have a degree in finance or have a license to help those in need. All you need is the willingness to know how to help other maneuver the confusing world of credit and collections. Their are many free resources online that will outline to the Savvy Entrepreneur on not only how to effectively help other repair their credit but how to start a credit repair business. There are many large companies that offer this service and you may think that would cut you out of successfully carving out a place for the small business owner but that is not true. There is a niche of customers who like to do business with people they can interact with on a face to face basis.

Target these people. It can be as simple as offering services to churches in your community or leave business cards everywhere including with local bank managers, car dealers or real estate agents who deal with people who fail to get loans based on their credit. Once you have established yourself as a competent Credit Counselor, the sky is the limit. Remember these people are more than likely are struggling financially and you will be another expense that they think they can't afford. Your job is to point out to them how invaluable your services are and how they will benefit. So for the Savvy African American Entrepreneur with the desire to not only make a decent living but help others, this is a good business to start.

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