Monday, November 3, 2008

Start A Mobile Phone Consultanting Business

This is an idea that I came up with for my nephew. He worked for a major electronic retailer that also sold mobile phones. He is well versed and knowledgeable about all the currents makes and models on the market today. When he left that position, being an advocate of black entrepreneurship that I am, I suggested he go into business for himself. There are tons of people, primarily individuals over 30 who have been forced to carry a mobile phone whether it is for work or just to keep up with their families. Many of these people only know the basics of how the phone works and don’t have the time or energy to figure these now complicated contraptions out. They also was under educated on how mobile phone plans work in regards to if they are getting the best deal for their budgets or how to read a bill when it comes and are being overcharged as a result.

This is where again the Savvy African American Entrepreneur comes in to save the day and make some money. My nephew was already very knowledgeable in this field but with the advent of something called the internet, you get access to owner manuals for every make and model out there. Even better a lot of service providers will show you online how to read a bill and properly identify what is the best plans available for you. Now you might say if this is true than why would people need a Mobile Phone consultant. The answer is simple and one I have already stated. Most don’t have the time or where with all to take on this task.

If you focus in on these individuals, this is a sure fire money maker because there is little or no competition in this business. If start this business and do it well, it could lead to bigger earning opportunities. You can move up to the business client who carry around Blackberries and you can help them “sync” their phones to their computers. Or you can scale down and focus on lets say the Active Seniors who need mobile phones because they travel a lot and want to keep in touch with families. You can program all of their important phone numbers and set up one touch dialing if they don’t’ know how. The possibilities are endless in this hi-tech world.
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