Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bag, Borrow or Steal

Bag Borrow Or Steal, Inc as See On Sex In the City

Want to get paid by companies to promote their products and/or services? Then look no further....

Bag Borrow or Steal™ is the "buzz" in the five billion dollar a year designer accessory market. They are revolutionizing the way women wear the latest, original, designer accessories. Bag Borrow or Steal™ members don't buy handbags, watches and jewelry, they borrow them anytime they want for as long as they want! When they are ready for something new, they return it and borrow the next one! As I mentioned in previous blog post, you can create a website with blogger and send your friends, family and people you network with online to your site promoting this product. If they buy through the link you provide, you earn $30/member sign up. Apply here.
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