Friday, November 2, 2007

Authentic Designer Handbags Sales

Authentic designer handbag sales is a great idea whether you opt to sale them on or off line. If you are able to find a good listing of distributors who will sell them to you at a decent wholesale price you are in business. You can sell top quality designer handbags directly to your friends, family and associates or you sale them online through your own personal website or an auction site like Ebay.

****Word of caution****
Beware of wholesalers local and abroad that offer to sale you "knockoff" or "designer like" handbags. It is against the law and the federal government in partnership with top designer labels are aggressively cracking down on offenders. So stick to legitimate sources. Take a look at: Wholesale Directory For Designer Handbags. In addition to a listing of wholesale suppliers, this ebook offers plenty of extra on how to get started selling your bags on ebay.
Happy Selling!

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