Friday, November 2, 2007

Start A Talent Agency

This is one of my favorites. I like this idea because African Americans truly have talent! Although there are tons of talent agency out there and the competition can be fierce, if you niche market to the African American community, you will enter in as one of a few. Most expert suggest you start of by working for a talent agency however that is easier said then done. The next option is to go online and research. I have listed a few sources for you below. You can also check out Randy Charach, an expert on starting a talent agency. He publishes an ebook that will help jump start this endeavor.

From the Hood To Hollywood - An informative article on how a former gang member made it big in the talent business.
Ujaama Talent Agency An African American online talent booking agency. Check out there site. They book some of the hottest urban/hip hop and up and coming talent in the industry today.

E-Books Galore
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