Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Start ATeen Party Planning Business

This is another excellent idea for the the Savvy African American Entrepreneur. Can you say “My Super Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party?” Unless you been living under a rock or don’t have any pre-teen or teenagers in your immediate or extended family, this is one of the hottest shows on MTV. Basically you have a bunch of spoiled, bratty, rich kids whose parents go all out and spend a “crap” load of money on their child’s 16th birthday party.
If you like to plan parties and don’t mind dealing with bratty kids and over indulgent parents, you can make a lot of money throwing parties. Realistically unless you live a big city like L.A., Chicago, or New York City and other big money markets, you may not be dealing with millionaires but just about every city in this country have parents who make enough money that they can afford to spend a good deal of money on an extravagant party for their teen. You can even work strictly with parents on a tight budget. Either way, there is a market for this business.

And as I always I want to remind you:
Don’t overlook the African American Market! You can strictly market to the African American Community. As I always say, we have money too and we also love to over indulge our children.
For more information on how to start a Party Planning Business check out:

Start a Party Planning Business

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