Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Community Blogger

Attention Savvy African American Entrepreneur: If you have even half way decent writing skills and like the idea of keeping your community abreast of what is going on in your neighborhood, town or city then here is a free and easy way to make some extra cash! Just click on this link and in less than 5 minutes you are in business. Setting a blog is easy and Blogger has an excellent help section should you run into any trouble. You can choose from many different designs to fit you taste as to how you want your blog to look. As a blogger I am very partial to this idea. I initially was going to title this idea as a community reporter but with the advent of free blogging tools like Blogger, I changed this one accordingly. Blogger allows you to update information as frequently as you like. So as events happen you can log on and inform your readers. You may be covering stories already in print in the local paper or broadcast edon the news but some people don’t read the paper on a daily basis or may have missed the news that day. Also there are many things that happen in our community that never make the news, usually the good things. Like a well liked and known community leader passing on or a outstanding student graduating from high school or getting a scholarship.

You may ask how can you make money with your blog. There are many ways. You can sell advertising space to local businesses or you can simply add what is called adsense to your page. These are the small ads you see on many sites including my blog site that say ads sponsored by google. Every time someone clicks on these ads you get paid sometimes $.10 or upwards of $50 per click depending on how much the owner of the ad has agreed to pay. One catch to program is that you don’t know how much each ad will yield but if you get enough traffic clicking on these ads, the money can add up. If you choose to use adsense and I highly recommend you do, Blogger is owned by Google and they will guide you through how to add them to your site.
If you choose to blog make sure you keep in updated and interesting for your readers. You want to encourage them to visit often and tell others so you can not only maximize your adsense exposure but also if you choose to sell ad space to local business they are going to want to see some return on their investment, in other words customers referred from your blog site.

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