Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Start A Personal Assistant or Concierge Service Business

In the growing list of businesses to start why not take a look at being a Personal Assistant/Concierge. The truth of the matter is that people who can afford Personal Assistants/Concierge Services are busy people and they are too busy to tend to all the things they need done through out their work day! Whether we are talking about professionals (Lawyer, Doctor, Business Executive, Athlete, Celebrity, etc…) or the a two parent working home with combined incomes at or over six figures, they need help. That is where you come in to save the day.

For professionals you can be their go to guy or girl. You can help them organize their day outside of the office or even help them by running errands as simple as picking up a package for them or getting their oil changed on their cars. Or as involved as making travel arrangements or schedule meetings. Many professional may have office assistants that can take care of these things but quite a few do not. If you carefully market your services you can reach these individuals.

If you focus in on working families who can afford your services and have a need for your help, you can focus on all the task they need done while they are at work. From waiting on the cable guy, dropping of cookies for their children’s school bake sale to mailing out Christmas cards. The possibilities are endless. The rates you charge depends on your experience and the professions and income markets you target. For more information on how to start a Personal Assistant/Concierge Service check out:

Start Your Own Concierge Service

And as I always I want to remind you:

Don’t overlook the African American Market! We are doctors, lawyers, business execs and there are many two income earning African American families that make well over six figures. Most importantly we would love to have access to good quality products and services the majority community enjoy. If you can deliver on all accounts, then it should not be a problem for you, an African American Entrepreneur, to get their business.

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